Lawrence Lake Dam

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The Lawrence Lake P&R District is one of a few Districts across the State that owns and operates it own dam. The District adheres to a strict maintenance and inspection requirement set forth by the WDNR.

For the canoer or kayaker there is a marked portage site adjacent to the dam.

For safety reasons climbing onto the dam, diving off the dam, or going around the fences is strictly prohibited, and trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

​There is fishing allowed on the west side of the dam and below the dam on Westfield Creek on the District's property.

The District was recently received official notice from the WDNR​  that the Lawrence Lake Dam is now a Low Hazard Dam. This changes our State inspections from every 2-3 years to every 10 years.  Thank you for everyone who helped make this possible!

​The District is currently in the process of having the fascia on the road side of the dam refinished over the next couple months, and is continuing with the ongoing landscaping project on the slope of the dam. We are also looking for volunteers with projects involving the dam. If interested, please go to the Committee signup page. 

1987 Dam Failure